The installation of Poly Steel Pipe and Fittings are as easy as ordinary steel pipe using thread system method

1. Pipe cutting
Poly Steel Pipe should be cut straight using the metal cutting band saw machine with cutting fluid. This is to prevent heat damage on the internal PE layer and external PE layer.

2. Threading
Threading should be made at the standard length under the standard of BS21 to prevent the leaking and rusting at the maximum level.

3. Assembly
Threading area of Poly Steel Pipe should be wrapped with pipe thread tape or painted with seal compound before joining Poly Steel Pipe and Poly Steel Fitting to prevent leaking and rusting at the maximum level. After that, an appropriate torque will be used to tighten the fitting.

4. Pipe cleaning
Finally before use, let the water run sufficiently to remove the unwanted substance from the inside of the pipe

For demostration on threading, please click here.